Who is Darko Peric? (La Case de Papel Helsinki) Age, Height

Who is Darko Peric? (La Case de Papel Helsinki)

Who is Darko Peric? (La Case de Papel Helsinki)

Darko Peric born 25 March 1977 (age 43) is a Serbian actor. He has earned worldwide fame for playing the role of “Helsinki” in the Spanish series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel).

Early Life

Darko Peric was born in a country that no longer exists. The ancient European-Hungarian and Ottoman Empire, between the two European borders, the east and the west. He was attracted to theater from childhood and still remember when a village singer who invited him to the stage. Darko was only five years old, but he knew what he would like to do with his future.

He started acting first in primary school. When he was 14, he was ready to admit to the best animation school in the country, when the war broke down and not his artistic desires, the whole country was also damaged. His first interaction with the movie was in Bucharest.

He has drawn small pictures with the students of the Academy of theater and film. A few years later in the Balkans, He decided to look for new experiences elsewhere. His first stop was Berlin, Germany. He discovered the underground theater and the movie world. He have worked with some small pictures, plays and performances from around the world.

After that he moved to Barcelona, ​​where he currently is living. He came back to the country where he was born, which is no longer there. Currently, he works with great directors and producers of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). The boy’s dreams that started on the stage started to live.

Darko Peric Relationship Status: Married

Even though he is married, the details about his wife is not in the media yet. As far as is known he has a son.

Darko Peric Height, Weight and Tattoo

  • Height: 1.87 m
  • Weight: 115 kg

Additionally, he also seems to be a tattoo freak and has a tattoo of the bear is his abdomen.

Darko Peric Net Worth

His net worth is estimated around $1 Million in 2020.

Darko Peric
Darko Peric


Date of Birth: 25 March 1977 (age 43)

Place of Birth: Kladovo, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia

Job: Actor

Nationality: Serbian

Hair Color: Bald

Eye Color: Blue

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Religion: Caucasian

Known for: “Helsinki” in Money Heist

Education: Veterinary School

Active Years: 2000–present

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Darko Peric Social Media Accounts

Instagram (4 Million Followers)

darko peric with alba flores
Darko Peric with Alba Flores

Did you know…

  • Darko Peric teaches Qigong all over the world in the masterclasses titled “Qigong, physical and mental preparation for actors”.
  • He has a big passion for basketball.

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